Light and Love

Over stones and stones
You try to look beyond
Try to find your Grace
Try to find and see every sign.
Try to be free
And try to look into your true face
Your wisdom is your weapon
But you can also use it against your self
So be aware!
Watch out!
Enjoy your way!
Take care that you have every day a real reason to smile.
Bring your light on this earth
And be truly yourself
By finding your inner bliss
With patience
And wisdom
The wisdom
Your ancestors already were seeking for you
Know they share it with you
So give yourself the respect
To listen and choose wisely your next steps
Don’t push yourself
Through ego and fear
Enjoy your life and every single step you dance with light feet like feathers on this earth.
Share and care and be where you are with grateful humbleness and a honest tongue.
Be light and love.

by SaY

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