In the context of my current research work, “Yoga meets Dance” I am very much concerned with the feminine energy. In yoga, but also in many other cultures/ religions/ mythologies etc. the moon is associated with the female energy. This also makes a lot of sense. If we women observe our menstrual cycle alone, it follows the lunar cycle (under natural circumstances). So if you are a woman, you can expect your period around the full moon most of the time. The phase of the full moon always brings with it the chance to let go of old things that are no longer good for you and to undergo a mental and spiritual cleansing process. The body of a woman does the same at this time. In many cultures and religions, a woman’s menstrual cycle is highly respected and not taken lightly. In yoga, for example, a woman is advised not to do anything physically strenuous during the first days of her period. Meditating is then allowed and anything that is easy on the woman’s body. Only after a few days, the woman is advised to perform some poses again, which are still gentle on the working and cleansing body.

When I was in India at that time, I was very much fascinated by this. Because the sensitive sides of women were so strongly considered there. There I learned to live according to the moon and to dive deeper into my feminine energy. This has really given wings to my body, my soul and my spirit.

Here in emancipated Germany this is only often not so easy. Since we women want to have nevertheless everything in the hand/must/should and we stand so often our man. But where does this pressure come from? Don’t we women often put ourselves under pressure? Is it not also nice to rest in their own femininity and to live and develop their strengths.

As a single mom, I know all too well that this is often not so easy. So viel Druck, der da manchmal von Außen zu kommen scheint… Doch ich frage mich und Dich.. Ist das wirklich der Druck von Außen, oder ist es der Druck, den wir uns innerlich machen und der uns dann auch als Antwort von Außen entgegen strömt?

So, as far this is clear, the world needs more of the female, nurturing, loving energy.

My lovely soul, no matter which gender you feel driven to, just close your eyes and allow yourself to dive inside for a few minutes. And ask yourself this question: Where are you living your female energy and at which part of your life do you wish to integrate her more? <3

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